Website form step-by-step

Planning and developing a website’s content can be difficult and take time. But a little planning and strategy can make it much easier. This form has been created to make the working process of your new website more effective and less time-consuming.

1. If you already have written information about your business that is not ready to be published: Please follow the guide lines given and paste your texts and Lunicore can revise it into effective website content. 2. If you want to write your own content: Please follow the guide lines given and paste your ready-written content in each text field.
Visual content
Does your business have images or other visual content (e.g. logos and icons etc.) that you want published on your website?
To start, we need following information about your business:
 • Who is your main target group? (100-200 words) • What are your main goals? (e.g. promote services, share content, encourage contact) (100-200 words) • What are your additional goals? (e.g. position yourself as an expert) (100-200 words) • What message do you want to convey with your website? (100-200 words)
In what language/languages do you want your website to be available in?
In this step we have listed the three main pages we think should be on your new website. If your business requires more pages, please continue to list all the pages you want on your website in the text field. 1. Home Page 2. About 3. Services/Technology/Products 4. Partners/Testimonials 5. Contact
STEP 4: Content planner
For each page, think about what information you want to feature on that page. We have listed some recommendations for headlines on each page. We need you to fill in the information for each headline in the text field below. (If your business requires further headlines, please continue to list the headlines you want on each page.)
This page is important as it gives the viewer a first impression of who you are and what your business is. Recommendations:

 • Catchy, easy-to-read description of your business (50 words) • Information about service/technology/product (100 words) • Companies who have been happy working with you (100 words)
This page is your chance to explain who you are in a professional yet friendly tone. 
 Recommendations: • Introduce your business. Tell people who you are, what you do and what you mission is. (100 words) • Who does your business help? Make sure visitors feel that they are at the right place. (50-100 words)
On this page you have the opportunity to create a more detailed explanation of your service/technology/product. Explain your service/technology/product so that your target group easily can understand. (If writing your own text: Try to create chunks with about 100 words per chunk.) Recommendations: • What problems do you solve and how do you solve them? (100 words) • What are your dream client struggling with? Let the visitor understand what you can help them with. (50-100 words) • What are the benefits of using your service/technology/service? (100 words)
Social proof is powerful. It is important for you to show who you have worked with to let your dream clients know that you are a serious alternative. Recommendations: • Feature companies you have worked with.
The contact page is simple yet very important as it lets people know how to get in contact with your business. For this page, you can keep a simply and friendly tone sharing the best way to contact you. 
 Recommendations: • Phone number
 • E-mail
 • Address
If your business are active on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram): please paste links to your social media platform.